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Another Year, Another Rapids Rebuild

To say the 2018 MLS Regular Season was a disappointment for the Colorado Rapids would be quite the understatement. Colorado endured two seven-game losing streaks, scored a league-low thirty-six goals, and finished third-to-last in the overall table with a measly thirty-one points. Despite brief glimpses of the “attacking football” pledged by the club’s front office, it was clear from two month into the season that the Rapids did not have the quality to compete on the same level as the top sides in Major League Soccer.

Throughout Colorado’s failure to make the playoffs in two consecutive seasons, General Manager Pádraig Smith has reiterated his promise of making Colorado a perennial postseason contender – an ideal initially manifested in his infamous 2017 editorial in the Denver Post. Now, one full year into the thus-far underwhelming Anthony Hudson project, there appears to be a glimmer of hope for the Rapids faithful.

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Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids FIFA 19 ratings released


While the release of EA Sports’ latest installment of the FIFA video game franchise is more than a couple of weeks away, information regarding player ratings has already begun to proliferate from those who have had early access to demo the game’s new features. As a result, the FIFA fan-site FutWiz has been able to compile the latest, updated player ratings for Colorado Rapids players.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, FIFA’s player ratings somewhat vary between different game modes. These ratings in particular come from the game’s most popular mode, “FIFA Ultimate Team.” While player ratings for the “Kickoff” mode generally update throughout the season to match player form, Ultimate Team “base” ratings tend to stay the same throughout the year.*

Additionally, it is important to note that FIFA ratings take into account international reputation and a variety of other factors that can increase a rating beyond what might make sense for the “stats” a specific player has. Subsequently, while FIFA ratings are enjoyable to speculate about and discuss, they matter very little to determining a player’s true “quality” on the pitch. As always, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Finally, bear in mind that it is possible these ratings change before the game’s official release on September 28.

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