Season Review

2019 Rapids Report Card: Sam Nicholson

ROLERight Winger
KEY 2019 STATS2 G, 3 A, 1.2 key passes/90

Season in a Sentence

Sam Nicholson seized a starting role after Anthony Hudson’s departure and was a consistent feature on the Rapids’ right side

Performance Review

Nicholson seemed to benefit more from Anthony Hudson’s departure than any other member of the squad. Once the Rapids freed themselves from the wretched grasp of the 4-4-2 Diamond, Nicholson was consistently given game time in his natural position by Conor Casey and Robin Fraser. His speed and technical skill with the ball made him a significant threat on the wings.

The most gaping hole in Nicholson’s 2019 gameplay was his inability to finish. The Scottish winger was regularly able to beat his man throughout the year, but ended up tallying pretty paltry scoring numbers.

Future Expectations

The Rapids are expected to sign two designated players this year and it’s probable that one will be a winger – putting Nicholson’s time as a consistent starter in jeopardy. That said, if the pacey forward can prove he can find the back of the net, he might mount a decent challenge to the inevitable big money acquisition.

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Image Credit: Colorado Rapids


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