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2019 Rapids Report Card: Clint Irwin

ROLE Goalkeeper
SQUAD STATUS Howard’s Heir-Apparent
KEY 2019 STATS 901 minutes, 42 S, 17 GA

Season in a Sentence

Clint Irwin stepped up during Tim Howard’s final season to deliver confident performances between the posts when the Designated Player was out due to injury.

Performance Review

Were you more confident with Irwin in goal than Howard in 2019? A cursory glance at the numbers might explain why. When Irwin was in net, Colorado allowed 1.77 goals per 90 minutes. With Howard in net, the figure rises to 1.92. Saves? Irwin made 4.2 per 90 compared to Howard’s 3.

This is far from an exhaustive comparison of the two goalkeepers, but it doesn’t need to be. Irwin demonstrated that he could provide roughly the same value as Howard in terms of shot stopping and proved to be worth his $126,000 salary. The latter cannot be confidently said of his predecessor.

Future Expectations

Irwin is predicted to keep the starting position in 2020 and the club isn’t expected to bring someone else in to challenge him. Barring injury or otherwise bizarre turn of events, expect to see Irwin in MLS matches and Rawls in the Open Cup.

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